Trust Inheritance

Membership Marketing Services: 

Revised Member Acquisition Plan with updated sales collateral, including copywriting, design and branding


Trust Inheritance is a legal services organisation, providing estate planning services with lifetime membership packages for specific products.


One-off project work to meet a specific need for the organisation

Support by apt:

Declining sales of the lifelong memberships packages and increased buyers’ remorse, coupled with significant brand inconsistencies, led the Trust Inheritance company Directors to appoint apt marketing & pr for a brand and product development exercise.

Key Results:

  • Full suite of sale and post-sale materials in a new brand

  • Reduced buyers’ remorse by over 95%

  • Increased confirmed sales by 53% in the first week

  • Increased the per sale average value and the uptake of top-tier membership products


"I have worked with Angie and the team at apt on a number of different projects and each time have been delighted with the results. Unusually they take the time to understand a business and market and then get involved in the impact of their work as well as the project itself. I like the fact that they are prepared to think differently but are always practical enough to keep business objectives in mind."

David Carrington, Managing Director, Trust Inheritance

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