Membership Marketing Services

Whether you represent an industry, or just deliver a service, your members are pivotal to who you are and what you do! 

Most membership organisations are run, managed and staffed by individuals who are experts in the sector, but not necessarily in delivering memberships! That’s where we come in; we deliver project or retained marketing services, on our own or as part of your team, that help provide the membership expertise and most importantly make or save you money! Many of our ideas can be delivered straight-away, generating immediate results, at the same time as taking a holistic long-term view of your visions, ambitions and objectives! Sound good? Here’s how…

Whether you want us to look at one specific aspect of your business, or need a comprehensive approach to the whole, we’ll establish where you are now and where you need to be. We’ll then devise a plan, get your sign-off, fulfil the deliverables and let you measure the results!


Some of the ways we’ve helped your fellow membership organisations:

Increased membership numbers by 65% in three years

Turned a £32,000 loss per issue on a member magazine to a £15,000 profit

Developed sponsorship to ensure an annual event went from a £42,000 cost to a £2,000 cost in one year

Generated a 497% return on investment for a winback programme delivering £90,000 in year one; rising to 1,633% ROI and circa £100,000 in year two

Changed the course of an industry with an official response to a Government Consultation, coupled with continued lobbying and representation

Reduced buyer’s remorse of one consumer membership by over 95%



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