What's your marketing like now? Is it hitting the right target?

Let’s start at the very beginning; it’s the very best place to start…

From reversing the decline in membership, to aggressive growth plans, or even just an improvement in your business in general, we’re good at getting results; from a 75% increase in members over five years for one client, and twenty new members in five days for another, to a 770% return on investment in a winback campaign and and a £32,000 bi-monthly saving on a magazine…

To get success rates like these, we first need to understand your business and what your marketing and PR is like now; some of the key things we’ll need to know…

-       What do you want to achieve and in what time-frame?

-       What is the budget you need to stick to or do you want us to guide you?

-       Some stats about your membership including:

o   How many members you currently have

o   The annual retention rate for those members

o   The profitability per membership (on average)

o   The biggest your organisation has ever been i.e. highest number of members and largest turnover

o   What makes you unique and different

o   Anything else you think we need to know…

From here, we’ll start to understand your business and work with you to combine our membership experience with your industry knowledge to achieve great things! Over time, we’ll also become mini-experts in your field, so you’ll put less in and get more out! Perfect.

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