Magazines & Advertising Revenue

A magazine is a valuable and sought-after way to communicate with members, and is often one of the key member benefits delivered by membership organisations. It is however also a powerful revenue generator for brands if the proposition, profile and content are carefully managed.

There are four ways that we can support with membership magazines:





We can give your magazine the once, twice and thrice over to make sure it’s delivering as well as it should be! If you are working with an in-house team but need an outside perspective of what else you could be doing, or where there are more commercial opportunities, we can take a look and provide you with useful, relevant information to cut costs or increase revenues



You might have the content sussed, but selling advertising is an art-form! Contrary to what everyone’s saying about ‘industry-trends’, there’s money to be made through advertising and lots of it! We can work with your publishing team to put together an advertising strategy, then deliver the advertisers to you, as well as brokering affiliate marketing deals and partnerships for added revenue. Most importantly, we’re realistic – we won’t overpromise and under-deliver,  but will provide you with realistic targets for your industry, which we’ll then consistently deliver





We already generate a lot of content for our clients and publishing is just one of our services! We can take on the delivery of your magazine, refreshing an existing magazine format or launching it from scratch! Either way, we’ll deliver an interesting read that creates a professional image at the same time generating advertising revenue too!



Sometimes organisations want to outsource, but don’t want all their eggs in one basket, and we understand that; if you’re working with us on PR & Marketing, but want to keep your magazine separate, we’ll run your tender process for you, appraise the potential companies and present you with suitable businesses that are actually up to the job. In doing so, you use our expertise to help make an informed decision!  

For one client, we successfully managed the outsourcing of the magazine content and helped deliver on the advertising, increasing immediate advertising spend from circa. £5,000 per issue to circa £15,000 per issue in year one, making the magazine cost-neutral by year three at £32,000 per issue with profitability in the pipeline.


Want someone to get your magazine ship-shape? Contact us to find out what we can do for you and your organisation…

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