Industry Development

Unlike many of the other services we offer, industry development is not something you’re likely to ‘decide to do’ one day, nor is it likely to directly result in sales; in fact, most probably it will be a loss leader – a good investment to raise your profile and demonstrate expertise, but not a cost you will recoup or measure easily.

If you do have an opportunity to develop, shape and change your industry, we’d always urge you to grasp it with both hands and commit to representing your members to the best of your ability; after all, the ‘power in numbers’ benefit of being in a membership organisation cannot be more readily demonstrated than by representing your members at Parliament!

With any Government Consultation that will affect or change legislation, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise to answer the questions, as well as access to the industry stakeholders to gauge opinion, but how should you answer the questions? This is where we come in; Government Consultations are very specific documents and getting involved can be a minefield; we will work with you to discuss the topic, gauge member and industry opinion, collate the information, write an engaging but most importantly, appropriate submission document and then submit it on your behalf. We’ll then work to lobby appropriate Ministers to assure backing for your cause, and where appropriate we’ll attend stakeholder meetings and workshops with you to ensure not only are your comments heard, but that they are heard in the right way!

Did you know, in 2011 we embarked on responding to one of the biggest, cross-profession consultations the Government has ever run, representing an entire profession with the response. As a direct result of the 22 page, 10,000 word submission, we secured meetings at Westminster and the Welsh Government and ensured our client were the ‘go-to’ Association for profession-specific comment. Not only that, but our response successfully changed the course of the legislation and our client got national consumer profile with comment on Sky News and BBC News, and in The Times and The Daily Mail to name but a few.


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